What Is Air Dry Clay- From What It Is Made Up Of?

The air-dry clay is a prevalent modeling substance used for the decorations or the deco artists and jewelers as well. This type of clay is much easier to dry as compared to the polymer. The best air dry clay is non-toxic type material, from which the users or the one who is using it has no chances of harm. Through this clay, the child can also play, as it is child-safe. The best thing about the air-dry clay is that it dries within just a few minutes and is way different from the other clays or polymers.

This is high-quality clay material; it is an excellent choice to shape their skills or thought for beginners. If we compare the Air dry clays to the other clays or polymers, then it is far better than them. This is because it does not get wet, even it absorbs the moisture, and it becomes softer and smoother by absorbing. Therefore, when it comes to contact with water or any wet place or substance, it will be softer. The main thing about the air dry clay is that it must be stored in an airtight container.

What type of glue is best for air dry clay?

The glue for the best air dry clay is PVA glue, and this glue quickly helps in crafting and is also the easiest one to use. Anyone can easily buy this glue from the crafts store or the hardware shops. It straightforwardly joins the air dry clay together in just one layer. In other words, the one layer of the glue is much enough for a secure bond of joining the air dry clay together.

In the end, for giving shapes to your skill or for any crafting must use the air dry clay. This clay is the best and most high-quality clay type, and it is also significantly softer and smoother to use.