What exactly are illuminating light boxes?

Light boxes and illuminated signs are a unique and effective way to distinguish and bring attention to your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Use a light box on the exterior of your business to make yourself noticeable from high traffic areas. Indoors, you may display your brand on counters, in reception areas, and in store windows, giving it a beautiful and professional appearance. These Valguskastid are often made of acrylic or aluminium. The light box faces happen to be digitally printed on a flexible face front or opal acrylic. They can be either single or double-sided. There are also various illumination options for your light box.

The light boxes happen to be an exceptionally flexible structure that is custom made to your specifications, with illuminated digitally printed translucent graphics on acrylic or opal polycarbonate faces.

Creative Diffusion can provide light boxes in a variety of sizes and styles, including thin-edge lighting for retail displays, double-sided under-awning light boxes, wall-mounted Valguskastid, and flexible surface lit billboards. Your light box or lit signage will not only be planned and produced, but will also be installed and linked by fully qualified electricians.

Different Kinds of Light Boxes

Single-sided or double-sided: 

Graphics on one or both sides, depending on the sign’s location.

LED vs. Neon: 

While neon signs have their uses, in today’s signage industry, LEDs have mostly taken their place. LED signs have several inherent advantages over neon signage, including dependability, flexibility, changeability, cost savings, and brightness.

Most are a blend of the two, but can only be manufactured of aluminium or acrylic.

Upkeep of lightboxes

Keep an eye out for signs of wear and tear, graffiti, weather damage, and power outages. If you detect any issues or damage to your sign, please call your Creative Diffusion advisor right once, and they will gladly assist you.

In addition to arranging visits as needed, you will be assisted in developing a bespoke maintenance program. It is normally advised that signs be reviewed every three years; however, if your lit sign is on all day and all night, it may require more frequent maintenance and repair.