What Are The Repair Fixes A Person Can Do At Home?

The refrigerator is one appliance that you can’t afford not to have in your kitchen. It keeps food fresh, but it also needs a lot of care and maintenance so that it will function properly for years. If you think the water line has broken or there is some other problem with your fridge, make sure to fix it right away. Here are some easy repair fixes you can do at home if you notice something wrong with your refrigerator.

Water Line Replacement

If the water line inside your refrigerator is leaking, then you need to replace it immediately. Water lines are made up of copper tubing and sometimes they might corrode over time because of the mineral content in the soil where the house was built. The first thing you should do is turn off power supply and unplug it from the wall socket. Then, unscrew the top cover of the refrigerator. Next, take out the water line by removing the four screws located on each side of the unit. Now, pull out the old water line and put in new one. Then, screw everything back into place and reconnect power supply. Once this is done, start using the refrigerator again. This is one of the easiest repairs you can do at home.

Cabinet Door Replacement

If the cabinet door on your refrigerator is damaged beyond repair, then you need to replace it. Usually, cabinet doors are made of glass or plastic and when they break, they shatter into pieces. To avoid this, always keep your refrigerator fully stocked as much as possible and never leave its door open while storing any food items inside it. Also, don’t store any sharp items inside the refrigerator; otherwise, they might damage the door.

So what happens when the fridge door starts to crack? First thing is to check whether the crack is on the front panel or the sides. If it’s the front panel, you can get replacement panels at most hardware stores. However, if it’s the sides, you’ll need to take the door out and replace it. Before doing anything else, disconnect power supply and shut down the refrigerator. After taking out the old door, remove the four screws on each side of the door and lift it out. Be careful not to bend the hinges and use a towel to protect them from getting scratched. Now, you’ll need to find the correct size of replacement door and cut it carefully. Insert it into the opening and use the hinge pins to attach it to the door frame. Replace all the screws and reassemble the door. Turn on the power supply and start using the refrigerator once more.

Ice Maker Replacement

When the ice maker inside the fridge doesn’t work anymore, then it’s time to replace it. Ice makers usually come with a two-year warranty and after that, they tend to fail or leak. So how do you know whether your ice maker is working correctly? Well, if you see little holes on the surface of the ice cubes or the ice maker seems too noisy, then it’s probably broken. On the other hand, if your ice maker is making small cubes, then it’s probably fine. The best way to tell whether it’s working is to touch the ice cubes. Is it cold enough? Does it drip? If yes, then your ice maker is fine. Otherwise, you need to replace it.

To replace an ice maker, you’ll first need to disconnect power supply and shut down the refrigerator. Remove the ice maker by unscrewing all the screws around it. Next, remove the old unit and insert the new one. Install the new ice maker and connect power supply. Start using the refrigerator once more.

Broken Compressor Fan Blade Replacement

Another common problem with refrigerators is compressor fan blade replacement. What exactly does this mean? Well, fan blades are located inside the compressor compartment and they help the process of air compression. When the compressor stops working, the fan blades stop functioning as well and thus, air doesn’t flow properly. In order to fix this problem, you need to remove the compressor and the fan blades. You can either replace them individually or together. However, if you only want to replace the compressor, then you don’t have to take out the fan blades. In this case, just replace the compressor. On the other hand, if you want to replace both the compressor and the fan blades, then you will need to remove the entire compressor assembly.

Once you remove the compressor and the blades, you’ll have to clean up the area. Use compressed air to blow away dust and debris. Then, install the compressor in the same position as before. Reconnect power supply and start using the fridge again.

Overflowing Refrigerator Drain Pan

You may have noticed that the drain pan is overflowing and you can’t figure out why. It could be either the main drain valve or the overflow valve that is malfunctioning. In this case, you’ll need to shut off power supply and remove the drain pan. Check whether there is liquid or food stuck underneath the drain pan. If yes, then you need to clean it thoroughly. If not, then it’s the main drain valve that needs replacing. Disconnect power supply and remove the drain pan. Take out the drain valve and clean it using compressed air. Clean the gasket of the drain valve as well. Reinstall the drain valve and turn on power supply. If everything goes smoothly, then you’re done. Otherwise, you will have to replace the drain valve and reinstall it.

With these easy and cheap refrigerator repair fixes, you can fix almost every problem with your fridge and make it run perfectly. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully and you won’t end up damaging the parts of the fridge. And if you still can’t figure out what’s going on, make sure to contact a professional repair person who knows how to deal with refrigerators.

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