Variety Of Pavement Stones And Reasons To Have Paved Pathway

Pathways or pavements are a necessary part of a house’s architecture because if you have a lawn in the driveway to your main door, it will become muddy in rains or sandy in summer, allowing dust and dirt to enter the house with your footwear. Moreover, a walkway paved with right stones provides you extra outdoor space for a lot of stuff while enhancing the house’s view.

Many stone varieties are available in the market for households or parks or roads that offer different looks, textures, and walking experiences. There are brick pavers, cement pavers, tänavakivi, granite slabs, etc.

What To Expect Before Installing A Cobblestone Pavement?

Firstly, a natural and authentic cobblestone is costly as it is derived from the river beds. Then, as a cobblestone is usually round or oval-shaped, the cobblestone could be uneven. Therefore, they are made flat or even shaped at factories. But a cobblestone is destined to last longer than any other stone type making it the right choice for outdoor pathways.

Cobblestone pavers save cost for multiple layered gravel mortar base and sand base technique, as they can be laid on a dry sand base. After the stones are placed with edges, they are finally joined together through a liquid mortar filling.

Need Help With Cobblestone Pavers Or Any Paving Stones?

If you are unable to do the paving work yourself, or if you have no idea what type of pavers you should be using, how much stuff it would require, and what pieces of equipment it would take, then we are here to help. Our experts would visit the location, study your design, required pavers, etc., after which they will provide you with the estimation of necessities and our service cost for the work.