Things That You May Not Know About Neon Signs!

Have you ever heard about the neon sign? If yes, then what do you recall when you first hear that name? A bar? Or your favorite restaurant? Neon signs are the lights used in many creative ways; now, most of you may not know what neon lights are. So if you are one of them, then you can check out this article!

What do you mean by a neon sign?

A neon sign is a typical sign made of glass tubes, and it also contains neon gas and argon gas in a small amount. It is a CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lamp. It may not produce every color, but there are many different color that is used to describe the sign. Neon custom signs are used to get the people’s attention towards the products and services you sell.

History of neon signs

 The neon has been invented by William Ramsay and Morris Travers in the 1800s. Georges Claude also the inventor who has to these techniques so that it can liquify air. These neon lights got so popular among the people in 1912 when it was the barbershop’s first display. Soon after, the other business also started using these neon signs at their shops and become so popular among the people.

Even now, if you will look around, then people do these neon signs outside their shops and even inside the café, restaurants, hotels even people use them at their home as the decorative showcase. These lights look so beautiful and attract people’s attention. These neon signs are even so easy to maintain and durable in use. Unlike other signs, it may not be cheap, but it is durable and can work for at least ten years, and other signs do not. That is why if you look it like this, then it will become cheaper and will be worth the price.