Suvichar: the Hindi or Indian version of greetings

Living in Indian society, you might be wondering what one such thing that pops right on your head and a habit that you can associate with our Indianess is. WhatsApp is one such application that has been spread in this entire country like a wildfire, and there is no going back from it. 

Every uncle and auntie are using this application for communication and think of it as the only medium of communication instead of using a regular messaging app built in their cell phones. They believe sending images with some text message about good views (suvichar) and thoughts in the morning would bring good things and prosperity in the other person’s lives. This might be the case then you are not a professional worker, and you don’t have much to worry about. 

When you are working in an environment that requires constant attention and ignore such messages, it is rude to the person who is sending it to you and at times a waste of energy.

What are some of the major ways you can reply to such messages without being out of shape and form?

When you talk about one of the decent ways of replying to a good thought or a status (suvichar) that has been applied to the other persons WhatsApp which are dedicated to you, it’s advised that you reply to them with something genuine because it doesn’t take a lot of time to revert to messages. People will never remember what colour dress you wore on a particular occasion or where your nails were painted or not, and they will always remember the way you treated them be it on online or offline mediums. Hence the only way to deal with such kinds of issues is by making time for everything because you always have time for things you want to dedicate time to.