Sites with the best streaming options

The decision of which film to watch is a difficult one. The list of movies you want to watch is dictated by the passwords you’ve obtained for various streaming services, whether they’re yours or those of a kind friend or family member. Most streamers have a go-to service, one that has become ingrained in our monthly budget, just like bills and rent (probably Netflix for most people in the UK). However, your dependable choice is unlikely to have every film you want to see, particularly since titles are constantly changing which service they belong to. Sling TV, fubo TV, and DirecTV, for example, offer a variety of channels for a monthly fee. While these are great for watching live sports, TV shows, or the news, they are probably not necessary for watching movies.

Despite threats from a few streaming platforms to crack down on password sharing in recent years, almost every mainstream streaming service now supports at least two simultaneous streams. This means that a few people from different households will watch at the same time using the same login information. Large families or groups of friends sharing an account should look for a service that allows at least three devices to stream at the same time.

People who have been binge-watching in normal HD on their TV since college are unlikely to be interested in higher resolution viewing. Others can’t seem to get their minds off the incomprehensible blobs. No one can pay for a streaming service that they can’t use on their smart TV or any other device that allows them to access apps on their TV. Fortunately, with the exception of a few temporary exceptions, most of the streaming services mentioned below are compatible with all of that. Unless otherwise stated, you can assume that every app listed is compatible with the streaming interface of most major television brands, as well as the major mobile operating systems. You can check for more details.