Shelling Tours on Marco Island….A Tour You Will Never Forget!

Everyone enjoys traveling, and no one dares to pass up an opportunity to visit a place that is adventurous, full of secrets, or, as I like to call it, mystical. Today, through this article, I will share one of my experiences visiting such a magical location which is the Marco Islands.

Everyone appreciates collecting artifacts that can be kept as a memento of a specific region. I don’t make any weird faces, but I enjoy collecting shells. Shells are the best secret keepers and are as fascinating as you can imagine. As a result of my fascination, I went on a Marco Island Shelling Tour excursion, which supplied me with lifelong memories.

What is shelling excursion?

Now you are probably wondering what shelling excursions are or they are just for kids, and who goes on them? Let me tell you something: shells are a lot more than you might think. Sand Dollar Shelling, a guided tour firm run by Captain Joey, Aye aye captain; that’s how I address him, conducts these shelling tours.

Furthermore, their boat cruises to Marco Island, which is located just a few miles south of Naples, Florida, are well worth seeing. We go deep into the Ten Thousand Islands on our boat tours off the Coast of Marco Island, to secluded areas with beautiful shells that have remained untouched. Yes, you heard it right, shells that are rare, untouched, and the most valuable one, Junonia Shell can also be found there. Isn’t it the treasurers?


I don’t think my words will do justice to the Marco Island shelling tours, so get your tickets now if you want to enjoy an experience like mine. I tell you, you will not be disappointed with the money you spend on such adventures and educational opportunities.