Is A Way Out Cross Platform Or Cross Play

Is A Way Out Cross Platform Or Cross Play? [2024 Updated]

Want to play A Way Out on different devices with friends?

Wondering if it’s possible this 2024?

Let’s find out about A Way Out’s cross-platform features!

Is A Way Out Cross Platform Or Cross Play

Is A Way Out Cross Platform or Cross Play?

Unfortunately, A Way Out is not cross-platform or cross-play. This means you can only play the game with other players on the same platform as you. If you’re on PlayStation, you can only play with other PlayStation players, and if you’re on PC, you can only play with other PC players.

Xbox One and PS4/PS5

Players on Xbox One and PS4/PS5 can enjoy A Way Out together, requiring a copy of the game on each platform and signing into their EA account. Once set up, inviting friends to join the game is straightforward.

This cross-play functionality enhances the gaming experience by allowing friends to play together regardless of their console choice, bridging the gap between different gaming communities.

Xbox One and PS4

PS4 vs PS5

The compatibility between PS4 and PS5 allows players on these platforms to connect seamlessly. Similar to other platform combinations, owning the game on both platforms and using an EA account is necessary.

This compatibility is particularly important given the significant user base of both consoles and ensures a smoother transition for those upgrading from PS4 to PS5.


Cross-platform play extends to PC and PS4/PS5, allowing players on these different platforms to join together in A Way Out. The process mirrors that of console interactions, focusing on game ownership and EA account connectivity.

This inclusion of PC players opens up a larger pool of potential teammates, further enhancing the game’s reach and appeal.


PC to Xbox One

PC and Xbox One users are not left out of this cross-play experience. Like other platform combinations, the requirements remain consistent: owning the game on both platforms and using an EA account to connect. This integration is vital for maintaining a unified gaming community, regardless of platform preferences.

When Did A Way Out Roll Out Crossplay?

A Way Out’s cross-platform feature was introduced on March 23, 2023, marking a significant step in its evolution as a multi-platform gaming experience. This introduction was met with positive reception from the gaming community, as it significantly expanded the game’s accessibility and player base.

When Did A Way Out Roll Out Crossplay

Does A Way Out Support Cross-Progression?

Yes, A Way Out supports cross-progression, allowing players to maintain their game progress across different platforms. This feature is essential for gamers who play on multiple devices, as it provides a seamless transition without the need to restart progress on each platform.

Does A Way Out have Cross-Generational Compatibility?

A Way Out’s cross-generational compatibility ensures that players on older and newer generation consoles can play together. This feature is particularly important for maintaining an inclusive gaming environment, allowing friends with different console generations to enjoy the game together without any barriers.

Does A Way Out have Cross-Generational Compatibility

Is A Way Out Split Screen?

Yes, A Way Out offers a split-screen option, enabling two players to play together on the same screen. This feature is ideal for local co-op play, adding a personal touch to the gaming experience by allowing players to share the same physical space while playing.


Conclusively, A Way Out’s cross-platform and cross-play capabilities significantly enhance the gaming experience by promoting inclusivity and accessibility across different platforms and generations.

Whether playing online or locally, the game provides various options to connect and play with friends, making it a versatile and appealing choice for gamers worldwide.


1. Can I play A Way Out with a friend who owns a different console?

Yes, A Way Out supports cross-play, allowing you to play with friends regardless of whether they own a different console.

2. Is my progress in A Way Out saved if I switch platforms?

Yes, the game supports cross-progression, which means your progress is saved across platforms.

3. Was cross-play available in A Way Out since its launch?

No, cross-play was introduced in A Way Out on March 23, 2023.

4. Can I play A Way Out in split-screen mode?

Yes, A Way Out offers a split-screen mode for local co-op play.

5. Do I need an EA account to play A Way Out cross-platform?

Yes, an EA account is necessary for cross-platform play in A Way Out.






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