How To Cook Rice In A Pressure Cooker Safely Quickly

The pressure cookers are known to cook rice faster. The texture and the flavor of the rice are perfect when it is prepared in a pressure cooker. You can use pressure cooker cooked rice to prepare many dishes also. The pressure cookers are used in stove tops rather than electrical. Some of the ingredients you need are one cup of rice and two cups of water. You can also make vegetable biryani, egg biryani, chicken biryani by adding masalas and vegetables. So here is the process of cooking rice in a pressure cooker.

The cooking of rice in best pressure cooker is simple and easy for people. The procedure is simple and easy to cook rice and have benefits. There is nothing to worry while cooking food. it is simple procedure to follow to have food and rice. It is a safe measure available to individual.

Preparing the rice

Rinsing the rice

Place the rice in a bowl and add the water. Swirl the rice in the bowl and rinse it thoroughly. Pour all the water on the sink until there is only rice left in the bowl. The cleaning of rice is an important process as it will take off the layer of starch. When the starch is left on the rice it will cause the rice to stick together.

Put rice in water

Now put the rice in clean water. This is for cooking. You can add oil for flavor. This method is suitable for many types of rice, like white, brown, jasmine, basmati, long-grain, short-grain, etc. To make rice for more people increase the ratio of rice as well as water.

Close the lid

Take the pressure cooker and then place the handle at a comfortable angle for you to hold. Fit the lid and close it securely.

Place a weight

You can keep a small weight on the pressure cooker to cook well. This is done by many homes when they cook rice.

Heat the cooker

Now place the pressure cooker on the stove and power it on. When the pot warms up, the pressure will rise. If it gets to the right pressure, the steam will pull the weight out. It will make a noise if it escapes. You can cook for an additional three minutes if the rice is not cooked.

Open at zero pressure.

You must always be careful when opening the pressure cooker. It is a risky situation if the cooker is full of pressure. So let the pressure get released and then open it. It will cool down to normal temperature, and then it will be easy for you to open it. For opening the lid, remove the weight and then open the lock.

Fluff the rice

After opening the lid, use the fork to check the rice and stir it. It will release the moisture. Then you can serve the rice now. Now eat it with several tasty side dishes as per your taste.

Safe usage of pressure cooker

Keep the rubber gasket in the pressure cooker in good condition. If it gets broken, you have to change it as soon as possible.

Sometimes you need to read the instruction manual if you are not clear in using the new type of pressure cooker. It will allow you to know more about it before use.

When cooking rice, know how much rice and water to add. Knowing about the level of the ingredients beforehand will help you to cook without tension.

Do not overfill the cooker as it can damage the cooker. You have to allow some space for the ingredients to cook.

The process of releasing the pressure of the cooker is a risky business. You can add cold water slowly in the lid of the cooker for the pressure to release. You can consult the manual to know how your pressure cooker will release the pressure.

The pressure cooker will also release a lot of steam when you open it after cooking. You can use the potholders to hold the cooker. Keep your distance when opening the lid.

Check the cooker before using it. There may be cracks and crevices, so inspect the cooker always before cooking.

Clean the pressure cooker after you use it. The dirt in the cooker for a long time will contaminate it.