Helping You Decide Between A Dermatologist And A Medspa By Etos Skin

Everyone wants something different about their skin. Be it the texture of the skin or the way it looks, there is something they want to change. But not all changes are possible with just diet and home remedies. Though most of them do not go for it, there are still a few who want to go for surgical and non-surgical procedures.

These changes or procedures are offered by medical spas and dermatologists. What people are often confused about is the difference between them and which is the best treatment for healthy skin. Though we cannot tell you which is better, we can tell you the difference between them. You can decide the better option for you on that and check out more on Etos skin.

Treatments Are Different In Both Of Them

Many of them are not aware of the fact that one of them deals with surgical procedures whereas the other deals with non-surgical procedures. But this does not decide which one is better because some of the changes require surgeries. The fact also lies behind who is doing the procedure.

Dermatology clinics hire professional and certified dermatology doctors. They are the ones who decide on the treatment and the procedure to be opted based on the condition and requirement. Whereas, in a medspa, they hire aestheticians only. There is a huge difference between dermatologists and aestheticians as well.

Courses That Decide On A Dermatologist And Aestheticians

It is important to know that both these professions have different academic backgrounds. If we learn dermatology, we only become a dermatologist. And not an aesthetician. The courses and the duration of courses are different for both these professions. If you want to know more then you will have to search them up. But here is the basic difference between the two courses.

Dermatologists have to study in a medical school for 4 years and then complete 4 years of residency as well. So it takes 8 years for anyone to become a dermatologist. They just have to have a cosmetic background in their studies. This is enough for anyone to become an aesthetician.

Medical Diagnosis Of The Two

Unknown to many, only one of the two can provide a medical diagnosis of your condition. And this is the dermatologist. Since they study in a medical school and have to complete four years of residency on top of that, they are certified to diagnose medical skin conditions. 

But this is not possible for an aesthetician. They cannot provide a medical diagnosis for your skin. Rather, they can only provide services, products and treatments for your cosmetic issue. They cannot provide anything beyond that. Though many people consider this as a safer alternative and a visit a medspa instead.

Considering Them Based On Your Requirement

Considering to visit them based on your cosmetic issue will help you decide on one of them. According to Etos skin, one can visit a dermatologist when they want a Filler or Botox. Such treatments are better done in a dermatology clinic. 

People prefer to visit a medspa when they want relaxing treatments like facial or laser hair removal. The procedures can be done surgically, but also have a non-surgical alternative. Even treatment methods of tattoo removal and eyelash extension are also done by an aesthetician in a medspa. 

Depending on these basic differences, you can decide on where you want your treatment to be done. If you are still unable to decide, then you can book an appointment with both of them. Get both their suggestions and go for the better treatment alternative provided by them.