Green Relief Medical Marijuana – How To Get Them

The company also meets requirements for Health Canada’s Directive on Physical Security Requirements for Controlled Substances for a security level 8 ranking, which makes this a very sound investment.

Why is Green Relief issuing now? Starting on April 1st of this year, the Canadian marijuana laws change – no longer will 37,000 private Canadians who are now licensed as medical marijuana producers, be permitted to continue growing. (Learn why investing in Canadian medical marijuana is safer than investing in the American marijuana industry.)

The demand for medical marijuana is real. Over the last decade, according to Health Canada, the number of Canadians who need medical marijuana for medicinal purposes is increasing. In 2002, 477 people authorized to use medical marijuana and that number is expected to increase to over 50,000 by the end of this year. Green Relief’s solution is to produce a minimum of 620 kg of dried medical marijuana this year, and to double production within one year.

At the site, there is no harm to the personal information of the consumers. You will get relief from pain without any damage to the health. The collection of the details about them is essential to have a pleasant experience.

Growth in the medical marijuana program has had unintended consequences for the administration of the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), which has led to serious concerns for public safety, health, and security as a result of authorizing people to produce marijuana in private dwellings. To cut the risks, the Government of Canada is planning to start a new supply, distribution and licensing system for dried medical marijuana under the proposed MMPR. Green Relief is approved under the new statutes.

What is aquaponics sustainable agriculture? One of the main advantages of the production method that Green Relief is implementing is their use of aquaponic ecosystems, the world’s newest and most sustainable form of agriculture.

As populations rise in urban areas, the availability of naturally grown local food decreases, leading us to search for more integrated and innovative systems such as aquaponics to produce our food and other agricultural products.

Aquaponics is a closed-loop sustainable agricultural production system that combines traditional aquaculture with hydroponics in a symbiotic environment. It is a bio-integrated system that links re-circulating aquaculture with hydroponic vegetable, flower and herb production.

A key point to remember is that this system allows organic marijuana to be grown in its purest form. This allows scientists to develop strains to target specific aliments – something science has not been able to do up to now. The implications could save lives and/or give a better quality of life to those suffering from debilitating diseases such as Cancer, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers and others.

Why Green Relief? The Green Relief team includes industry leaders, young talent, and experienced horticulturists who have been developing sustainable agriculture for several years. They work and consult with some of the best industry specialists in the world. The Green Relief aquaponics facility will initially consist of a 22,000 square foot structure including 15,000 square feet of growing space, fish tanks, and mechanical & shipping-receiving areas. Can Med Marijuana are pleased to finance Green Relief allowing them to expand their facility to 100,000 square feet of growing space in order to meet market and health demands.