Get Full Information About The Watergardens Ec Property 

Watergarden Condominiums are considered to be one of the masterpiece projects. So, there is no one particular Watergarden all over the world. The one in Canberra is currently under construction, and the project will finish sometime soon. The watergardens ec in Canberra is just another excellent example of a Watergarden. There are beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds set in around the quality residences of this residential establishment. This is what makes this Condominium stand out among other featured properties surrounding this place. 

Developers of the Watergarden Condominium 

The Watergarden Condominium at Canberra initially used to be a forested land. URA has developed it under the program of Government Land Sales or GLS. The United Venture Development Private Limited collaborates with United Industrial Corporation, UOL Group, and Kheng Leong Company. They are considered to be the most trusted and reliable local developers in Canberra. Their establishment track in property development and investment is quite excellent. In addition, they have quite the reputation for developing quality residential private homes. 

Location of the Watergarden Condominium 

There are plenty of condominium properties all over the world. However, one of the ongoing Watergarden projects is currently situated in Canberra. This Canberra-based Condominium is located along the drive of Canberra that is within the district of Sembawang. Sitting right on the private residential belt’s edge, this condominium property type is right between an HDB precinct and a housing estate. 

On its east side, there are Canberra Vista housing properties. On the northern side, there is The Commodore. The Commodore is a very new 5-story high-residential condominium. This property would launch as well as complete at the same time when Watergardens at Canberra would launch. In addition, this low-rise residential project has Jalan Kemuning, Sembawang Springs estate, and a landed housing establishment on its western side. 

Properties & Other features around Watergardens

There are ample properties and features one can witness around this residential development in Canberra. These features are quite popular in this neighbourhood and can be of great use to the residents staying around the area. They can give the residents quite a wholesome experience of this neighborhood. Some of these features existing in The watergardens ec at Canberra include: 

  1. MRT Station

This is almost 350 meters from the Watergardens at Canberra. In simple terms, it is just a five-minute walk to the Canberra location from the station.

  1. Leisure Amenities

Sports and other leisure amenities could be found surrounding this unfinished property. There are many sports, leisure, and community facilities scattered all over. For example, there are fitness studios, gym, sports halls, indoor and outdoor swimming complex pools. There are also polyclinic and senior care centres along 12 hectares. Also, fruit orchards, community farming, and plots are present along this area. 

  1. Supermarkets, Banks, Shops, F&B, Childcare

The Watergardens Condominium at Canberra is a relatively established private estate. This development is quite catered for keeping the basic food and other necessities in mind. The Canberra Plaza is about 118,000 sq. ft. and is just a walking distance from this residential estate. It is beside the Canberra MRT station. There are also different types of shops and supermarkets, dining outlets, children enrichment establishments, and lifestyle shops. 

  1. Accessibility

This location of Watergarden Condominium is quite accessible in many ways. From any location, it does not take a long time to reach Canberra’s newly developed Condominium. People can reach this Condominium via any mode of transportation within 35 minutes. 

The watergardens ec is also close to different schools. There are both public schools and private schools in this neighborhood that can be quite beneficial to many parents in admitting their kids. All of these schools are generally within walking distance from the Watergardens Condominium in Canberra. Parents and kids get to enjoy this unmatched convenience.