Five Alternative Locations For Your Wedding Reception

Millions of couples still book banquet halls for their wedding receptions and that is probably not about to change anytime soon. But, there are two big reasons why new venues are being sought out.

There are different locations available where you can find the bulk flip flops for a wedding event. You can buy the best one as per your need to attend a wedding and have a pleasant experience. The footwear should match with the dress and personality of the people. 

First, modern couples want something that more reflects their personalities. They want to be able to express themselves and do away with convention. They are also looking for more intimate and cozy settings even if the guest lists number in the hundreds.

Second, and probably the biggest factor for looking for new types of wedding dinner locations, is the fact that banquet halls are booked up for years. There is very little or no remaining selection to reserve.

Because of these two reason, I have put together a short list of five alternative spaces that would make lovely wedding reception venues for 2016. Dress them up with your theme and colors and you will be surprised at how beautiful the spaces will transform into your dream wedding.

  1. City parks are usually stunning backdrops for both photographs and elegant dinners. In fact, many localities now offer open areas for special occasions. You might even hold both the wedding and the reception, especially if the park has a gazebo for the ceremony. Of course, you will need to arrange tents, tables and chairs, but in the total scheme of things, you can do some fabulous decorating while having a manicured landscape at your disposal.
  2. At first glance, barns seem quite unlikely as reception venues, but many couples are using them for their sit-down dinners. Certain locations are starting to rent out the old buildings on their properties. You will need to make the sure the building is safe and of course, clean, but this setting could be quite elegant and quaint. I think the words rustic or shabby-chic fit.
  3. Dinner theaters are becoming popular for holding the ceremony and the reception. In addition, entertainment can be provided, making this idea an all-in-one venue.
  4. Museums and art galleries are neat places to hold the whole affair if there is room to serve food whether it be light refreshments or a full complement. And for those couples that are not holding a full dinner gala, a dessert reception would be perfect.
  5. Along the lines of a park, there are many gorgeous campgrounds that could accommodate a wedding ceremony and reception. You’d be able to decorate as you choose and could do up something very elegant or choose an event with barbeques and salads. Either way, the area can suit your purpose perfectly.

One pointer I have is anywhere that is accustomed to hosting weddings is going to charge ridiculous prices. We all know that when you use the word wedding in your request, all of sudden, the price is different for most services. And, although this article was not about finding inexpensive wedding venues, it does stand to reason that if you happen upon a place that normally is not classified as a wedding hall, then you might be pleasantly surprised with the price, as well as the beauty of the location.

Finally, take a look around your city. Many publicly owned venues are being used by the residents for various kinds of parties. Contact city hall, as well, to see what might be available. And if you see somewhere you like when you are out and about, inquire because you just might get your wish.