Fat Loss Weight Loss With A Big Big Health Warning

Getting rid of unwanted pounds of fat should come with a health warning!

Weight Loss, Fat Loss whatever we call the process of getting rid of this unwanted substance – surplus fat – should come with a big, big health warning!

The best testosterone supplements will remove the weight according to the requirement of the people. There are health warnings available to the people. The procedure of the playing games is through the skills and expertise of the players. The meeting of the needs is possible for the people. 

Until yesterday, I didn’t know that the fat accumulated around the body, when taken away by means of liposuction, was dark brown or even black in colour. I’ve always thought it looked just like any other fat – yellowish white. But no it’s not, because this fat contains all our secrets and nutritional sins! It had been created by the body to perform an amazingly important role – the role of a true life saviour.

Now, the reason I’m mentioning this is because it just proves the point I wanted to make – namely that this fat plays an important function as a safe storage for an awful lot of deadly chemicals – our body’s acidic toxins.

Read this very carefully.

The fat you are carrying right now around the frame of your body is actually saving your life, this very minute.

So don’t think of it as a substance you can just get rid of. Please, have some respect. Your body always knows what’s best for you and right now it has decided that it’s best to have all this fat where it is.

Why? Well, just think about it.

If your diet (including drinking water) and your life-style (including sleep) is such that your body has a constant battle against acidity and has now reached the point of a last resort – to build a storage for all those toxins you keep producing – it would be very irresponsible to start getting rid of it. This fat is very important to you right now, it keeps all those toxins in a relative safety.

Just imagine what would happen

if suddenly you decided that by means of a crash diet or some exuberant exercise you would try to get rid of your fat. If you don’t reduce acidity of your body first and bring the blood pH to its optimal level ( around 7.3) at the same time, you’re in for a whole lot of trouble. This is why most people (95%) can’t stay on the diet plans of any kind. Their bodies just can’t take the stress. And dare I say – thank goodness for that.

So what should you do, you might ask and panic that perhaps now you would just always have to stay fat and that’s it.

No, not at all.

Just think and remind yourself of the reason why the body had created this substance – you now want to get rid of – Fat. It was done by the body in a desperate and frantic attempt to find a safe way to protect you from the daily acidic toxins; those that were supplied daily by the undigested food you had eaten, the water you’d been drinking (yes, your clean tap water) and the waste of the parasites’, which are most certainly thriving in this congenial environment you’ve created for them in your digestive system.

Stop thinking about the Fat Loss and switch all your attention to the pH gain.

Now, taken all that into account – for the first time in your life you can stop thinking about the Fat Loss and switch all your attention to the pH gain.

Lose the acidity and the Fat Loss will follow, do it the other way round and you’re in for the whole lot of trouble – all the dangers of acidosis.

From now on you can forget about the diets (they don’t work) and concentrate on alkalizing your body in every possible way.

The health benefits of alkalizing your body (remember-the blood pH has to be maintained on a very precise level) are just enormous.