Compelling Ideas For Promoting Social Media Giveaways

Social media is a platform with infinite possibilities. The services it offers to every user are beyond anyone’s dreams. Have you ever thought you would purchase something off Instagram or Facebook? Apart from being a platform to connect people, social media is becoming a safe space for small businesses.

How do giveaways help with marketing? 

You say giveaway; people here free stuff! Who doesn’t like to get a bunch of free stuff? Everyone does! That’s the key to the success of giveaways as a marketing tool. When you conduct a giveaway, more people participate. Ultimately, it increases your brand’s publicity.

Promoting giveaways

Promotions are the soul of the triumph of any event conducted. There is no point in the whole fiasco if people do not know about it. A giveaway can be promoted in several ways.

  • Surprise posts:

The promotions could start with a simple post on Instagram. The key is curiosity.  Do not use up all the information in the beginning. Use posts and build up hype among the audience. Reveal the details in steps. When you do not give the whole information at once, it creates an eagerness in people’s minds to know what will happen.

  • Engaging activities:

The main idea behind giveaways is to market your brand. So, use engaging and fun activities to promote your brand so that the participants can win items. Not just the usual ‘tag 5 people below’ kind-of promotion, but a bit more appealing one that makes it more personal.

  • Hype build-up:

For a successful giveaway campaign, you need to keep the audience interested until the very end. No matter the activity, if it’s not fun enough, people won’t budge.

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