Alt Coins And Cryptocurrencies To Watch – Check out the coins and currencies

Cryptocurrencies had an amazing year in 2017 with many coins seeing huge increases in volume and value. Some of the best alt coins this year were small and relatively unknown last year. If you’re looking for home run coins that will have a chance at huge gains you need to do a lot of research and get lucky. You should always consider the volume, market cap, circulating and current supply along with many other factors. Look at their vision and the team who will carry that vision out. It is important to know some of the stats for a coin you’re interested in so you can determine a potential gain.

You can get the benefits of trading at the platform to have the gain. A clear vision is available to the traders to have the best trading experience. The checking of the market cap and supply is possible for the traders. The trading experience is enhanced with the buying and selling of the coins and currencies.

While these coins might not make you rich overnight, they might provide some use for you now or in the future. You can’t expect a coin to give you 100x gains just because it is currently cheap. Remember to always do your own research on a project or coin before investing any real money. This list covers coins that provide useful products that can bridge gaps in certain industries. Some new alt coins will be added over time, suggestions are welcome.

Alt Coins to Watch 2018

SALT Lending ($SALT)

The SALT Lending Platform is a great concept that allows crypto holders to leverage their blockchain assets as collateral for cash loans. This can give you liquidity without having to sell your crypto assets. The platform will allow you to use bitcoin and a number of alt coins to get fiat currency loans. This can make it easy to hold your crypto while still having access to money you need for the things in life that crypto can’t buy. If you’re in a bind and are considering selling your crypto, the SALT Lending Platform might be something to consider.

SALT is an ERC-20 token and it uses the same network as Ethereum. The SALT token is required to buy memberships for the platform, but that is one if it’s only uses. The company does have plans to launch credit cards this year. With the supply and uses, it is hard to say the potential value of this token. However, the platform seems great for the crypto world.

Total Supply: 120 million

Waves ($WAVES)

The Waves Platform offers anyone an opportunity to create their own cryptocurrency. Waves can allow you to make a digital token you can trade for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. These tokens are digitized version of fiat currencies that can be transferred on the blockchain. This can make for quicker and easier transactions in some cases. Also this can help you to launch your own alt coins using The Waves Platform.

Waves uses a Leased Proof-of-Stake which means you can lease your tokens to the nodes running the network. Waves requires 10,000 tokens to run a full node for staking, but mining pools are available for smaller amounts. The Waves Platform uses a decentralized exchange which can reduce the risks applied to using a centralized exchange.

Total Supply: 100 million

Basic Attention Token ($BAT)

Basic Attention Token is looking to change the way for advertisers, publishers, and users interact over the web. BAT had a fairly successful ICO but hasn’t seen a lot of growth since its release. They have an impressive team who has previously worked on projects like Mozilla, Firefix, The Tor Project, and Evernote. Currently BAT can be used on the Brave browser and has plans to work with other browsers like Chrome and Firefox in the future.

With the use of their Brave browser, BAT looks to provide an open source, transparent, decentralized, and efficient means of advertising. Also the Brave browser focuses on privacy and blocking advertisements, trackers, and malware for the user. Brave can be used on mobile and PC devices and provides a very fast and safe browsing experience. BAT has a lot of potential and provides a very unique product that benefits a lot of people. The coins has a large supply and is probably not going to see crazy growths like a small supply coin.

Total Supply: 1.5 billion

Latium ($LATX)

Here is another cryptocurrency that provides a unique platform that uses their currency. The Latium Platform will act as a task marketplace where you can assign or complete tasks for LATX tokens. The Latium ICO ended at the beginning of 2018 and they already have an Alpha platform up and running. There are some very interesting plans for the project and it could become huge over the next few years. Tasking platforms are already used, but Latium has a unique vision that fits into a crypto market.

The ICO sold 180 million tokens which is 60% of the total supply. Also the founders supply will be locked up until November this year which can be good for the value. Some founders dump their supply right after the ICO, this protects investors from that. One of the biggest concerns is the mention of migration to full blockchain system in 2019. It seems they lack blockchain developers which can pose some problems in the future.

Total Supply: 300 million

Siacoin ($SIA)

Siacoin provides a unique solution that is currently cheaper than a lot of the big name options. The token is used to purchase decentralized cloud storage on the blockchain. Your data is split into pieces, encrypted, and distributed across a decentralized network. You hold the private keys to your data so no one else can access it. The cost of storage is also much cheaper than some of the larger competitors like Google and Amazon’s cloud storage.

The coin is mineable and can be earned by renting out your storage space. Also this coin uses a Proof of Burn that is designed to keep the supply from getting too large. Siacoin definitely has an interesting platform and provides cheaper storage options for consumers along with mining and trading opportunities like other alt coins.