3 Types of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Well, ground source heat pumps are a system that is used by laying wires underground to extract the heat. This heat pump can provide hot water or act as a heat radiator. It not only has heating properties but also provides cooling. 

It is simple; these devices take advantage of humid weather and create heating and cooling without any additional cost. There are three types of maasoojuspumbad available in the market. You can use them according to your preference and their benefits. The three of them are listed below with their descriptions. 

Inverter heat pump alpha innotec

These ground heat pumps have an average range of 1.5 to 17 kilowatt on the market. It has the best-known inverters technology, which can be used in heating and cooling. It can also be used in domestic places for hot water. This ground heat pump is highly efficient, with SCOP up to 5.48. An ideal device for both heating and cooling up to 450 m2.

Along with that, this ground heat pump is entirely eco-friendly and reduces the amount of co2 released. It comes with both and without a boiler. It depends on your choice.

On and off heat pump alpha innotec

This ground heat pump is potent for heating and cooling with an average power range of 5 to 30 kilowatt. You can heat and cool up to 800 m2 efficiently. Along with that, this device is completely noise-free. It has SCOP up to 5.78. This device is also eco-friendly as it lowers the percentage of co2. However, it has a bit extra powerhouse for domestic uses.

Industrial heat pump alpha innotec

This ground heat pump is specially designed for large surfaces. It is an excellent solution for providing heat and cooling. The flow temperature of this device is up to 70 degrees Celsius, an ideal instrument for high-temperature heating. 

The power range of this device is 27.5 to 07.5 kilowatt, which is exceptionally high compared to the rest of the two. You can use this heat pump in swimming pools, medium buildings, or even a boiling house. It is an appropriate device for it.