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Long Live The Tasty Life - Away3D & Starling game

A digital activation that allows you to eliminate daily chores in a playful way. The game uses the hardware accelerated Away3D engine to churn out flying sponges, microwaves and jerrycans.


Namide - Flash 3D world


This world is an interactive experience. Namide tries to create a universe with an original navigation and graphic design. The inspiration comes from games and generative art.

Technical details:

This world is generated by algorithms (except for the 3D rabbit and the portrait rabbit): Thereby it is very light (<150ko) and the graphism is emergent.

The 3D engine used is Minko. For example, the 3D model of the ground is generated by a Perlin noise (you can see an example in this post) and the texture with a colored Perlin noise.

The shaders create a colored fog when the user is in the forest, and a white fog when the user is in the clouds; In addition they displaces grass, particles and foliages.


Adobe AIR cross-platform apps: Stupidizer

Stupidizer: App that makes your stupid head!

Take a picture of your head or that of your friends, and have fun to change it completely.

Apply filters to make it even weirder, or put a nice setting to try and make you less ugly.

Share the photo so that your friends do the same, and you marrez seeing their face.

Stage3D dev lab: OimoPhysics & Away3D


Adobe AIR apps: Fotoo

Fotoo lets you capture and create your own videos and photos with a twist! Choose from a wide selection of intricately designed, animated face props and detailed backgrounds to capture hilarious, share-worthy moments. The only limitation is your imagination.
Fancy snorkeling in space? or would you rather pose as a steampunking hipster? Mix up the gorgeous hand drawn and animated props and original backgrounds to capture your own unique Fotoo and instantly share it with your family and friends.

+ Richly textured, hand-drawn designs and animations
+ Varied theme packs, each with a different selection of props and complimentary backgrounds
+ Face tracking that perfectly positions any props you choose
+ A gallery of your personalized wacky creations
+ Mix up the props and settings to customize a wonderfully bizarre moment
+ Share your photos and videos on your favorite social network
+ Try before you buy! Test out the wacky props. Buy only if you like them
Fave Functions:
Gags and giggles for all ages.

Update 2015/04/09:

Tech details:

ANE’s used:
- Beyond Reality Face (Face detection)
- Flashy Wrappers (Encoding frames captured in video mode)
- Distriqt Media Player (Native video playback)
- Distriqt InAppBilling (In-App-Purchases)
- Milkman Google Analytics/Services
- Milkman GoViral for Facebook Installs track

Uses custom built ANE for Parse integration, sharing, Persmissions, and Google Conversion.New version which is under review uses Vungle and MoPub for ad integration. (Its has option to unlock a pack for a hour by watching a interstitial video ad.)

Future release - We are also looking at using Away3D for mapping the textures onto the face.

Android - Beyond Reality Face doesn’t work well on Android so are working on custom face detection that could work cross platform. If face detection part doesn’t work out well for android, we might end up using Unity3d for future release to reach more platforms.

Stage3D Frameworks used: Starling v1.5

Flash Online Conference #6

We are done with the 6th Flash Online Conference. It was really interesting content mix. We’ve learned a lot about Citrus and Rave AI engines, Uber-shaders in GLSL, Particle System in Genome2D Engine, cool TypeScript language introduction for as3 flash-developers and all about the physics in games.

  • Aymeric Lamboley “Citrus Engine, from zero to ninja”
  • Jean-Marc Le Roux “Minko: targeting Flash/Stage3D with C++ and GLSL”
  • Peter “shtif” Stefcek “Genome2D: Advanced particle systems”
  • Gary Paluk and Karim Beyrouti “Away3D TypeScript”
  • Ariel Nehmad “A different approach for handling physics and collision detection in games”

[ Blog post ]


Comet ISON Interactive Model

Built with Flash 11 / AGAL shaders

Other models.

Update (from Michal Sadlon):

Unfortunately, comet ISON is dead, so model is not  very useful for users.

And I think, that  our core model of solar system www.solarsystemscope.com

with planets, stars and constellations will be much better, it was made by the same way.