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Flash Online Conference #10

From Sergey Gonchar:

Hey Flash Community!  We are ready for the next online conference about Flash & Adobe AIR.


  • Chris Campbell – Update on recent releases and roadmap
  • Cheng  Liao - Stage3d enhancement on AIR mobile, introduction and demo
  • Jiali Xiao – Benefits of relaxing Render Target Clear operation in Stage3D
  • Chandra Prakash - VideoTexture support on iOS
  • Neha Gupta – Improve your mobile game’s discovery using Adobe AIR Cross Promotion service
  • Ajay Kumar Shukla  – What’s new in Flash Professional CC


Please share the event with your friends who is interested in Flash & Adobe AIR!
Thank you!

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ABC… Uczę się!

From DigitalTouch:

Application is addressed to children learning the alphabet and letters. It’s great example how elastic and efficient Flash & Air Platform is.  We used Adobe Air 3.7, Starling 1.2, Feathers components , Robotlegs 2.0, Robotlegs Signals, ATF Textures, Texture Packeger and Flashbuilder. With just one platform we built the application for samrtphones and tablets working on iOS nad Android OS. Next with just few changes we prepared web version of the app.

To make production faster we developed own a system where each developer could work and test his code independently. The biggest challenge was to optimize memory. This is where the ATF compressor and Adobe Scout came. Using Scout we optimized cpu and gpu memory managment and improved GC mechanizm.  All this works resulted in good performance on older devices. Now application is available as demo version but we plan to expand it to 50 books.



Entire CadetEditor Stack Open Sourced

Today we’re very pleased to announce a major milestone for the Cadet project – we have now open sourced the entire Cadet stack! This means that developers have full access to our editor code as seen in these videos.