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Martin Bjeld Dev Lab: 3 Crates

I’m excited to show you a new iPhone game I just submitted to the app-store. Created with Adobe AIR, Starling, FeathersUI, Nape and Assetifier.

This game was very fun to make, and for the first time I decided to try to use Graphic artist and Audio makers from Fiverr.com. Im blown away with the quality of the Assets I had created by 2 very talented artist found on Fiverr.com.

Used in this project:

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Adobe AIR games: Calm Down - Shaped with Madness

I’m yellow, and smart enough to reach the top of the screen, but these red things won’t let me through, I’ll find the one who created them and will teach him a lesson, one day.


The Motion Nexus platform empowers developers to build Kinect applications in Adobe Flash that support local and cloud integration. Cloud integration enables multiple skeleton interactions from multiple remote users.

Hghtlights for the v1.3 release:

  • Simple and concise API for managing application configuration and deployment
  • Full 20 joint Kinect skeleton with velocity, rgb points, depth points, joint rotation, and tracking state.
  • Easily switch between local, local with cloud participants, and cloud with cloud participants
  • Depth image 320×240 support in local mode
  • Near mode enabled – Skeleton with 10 joints, upper body skeleton
  • Facebook API integration
  • Consumer driven plugin – we manage the environment, so all the developer needs is the swc library and your ready to develop.
  • Developer skeleton samples, Facebook integration examples, and much more…

[ Project page ] [ Video #1 ] [ Video #2 ]

[ Motion Nexus Face Tracking ] [ Article source ]


ANE Package update v1.35

Another new extension this week, a PDF Reader for iOS along with an iOS 7 fix for the ApplicationRater and some minor fixes for the Camera ANE.

  • PDFReader
    - New extension for #iOS.
    - Allows you to display a PDF viewer for a pdf file accessible by your application.

  • Camera
    - iOS: Fixed orientation of image returned from captureImage (was automatically rotated)
    - Android: Fixed issue with preview not restarting after captureImage

  • ApplicationRater
    - iOS: iOS7 rate should now redirect through to the correct page

Stage3D Developers Group is the place to learn about and share your experience in the Stage3D techniques, GPU tips and tricks, papers and algorithms.

Next online meeting will be in February 22, 2013.
Speakers registration is here!

Stage3D Online Conference confirmed speakers:

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