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Retrofit Films

Los Angeles based production company Retrofit Films develops and produces award winning content for global brands, television networks and Hollywood studios.

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Alternativa3D 8.27.0 with shadows and alpha-test

New features in 8.27.0 release:

  • Added the DirectionalLightShadow class to calculate shadows from the directional lighting source
  • The material adds the ability to draw using alpha-test technology, and two-pass alpha-test
  • Implemented the EnvironmentMaterial - a material with simulated reflection of the cubic texture
  • In the material StandardMaterial was added the ability to use texture light map with a dynamic light
  • Implemented importing animation from the binary A3D format

[ Shadow demo ]

[ Article source ]


Adobe AIR games: Solitaire Palast

German online card games developer Spiele-Palast GmbH has released their latest Adobe AIR title: Online Solitaire.

We have reached 32nd place in Android download charts as well as 25th place in iTunes download charts in Germany with 1,300 players online in peak hours and we are excited to see how it goes from here.

Download: iOS, Android


Have a creative Easter with Flare3D!

From Flare3D Team:

Bring out the artist you have inside and create the most beautiful Easter egg with our “3D Easter egg Decorator”.

Do you like it? This demo uses helpful techniques that can be implemented at any other project.

Download the full example and use it as starting point in your next amazing app!

Come on, don’t be lazy!, this demo can be exported to mobile devices too. Make your own version for tablets and/or smartphones. We want to see your own Egg Decorator app for Android and iOS!