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Adobe AIR PropertyCross App

This is an implementation of the PropertyCross application using Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), the SDK for which is freely available from Adobe. It also uses the Flex and Parsley frameworks, both of which are also freely available from Apache and Spicefactory.

To view the code and detailed build steps, see the github source.

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Bathplanner PRO allows you to professionally plan your new bathroom. You can plan your new dream bath quickly and easily in four simple steps.

Design, share and manage your bathroom plans in an online environment that is intuitive and flexible. You always have access to the stored plans and are able to process your already designed plans on your tablet or your computer. A special highlight is the integrated quote. Save your completed plan and send it as a request directly from the app to a dealer you can trust.

Some technical details from developers (CodeMeetsDesign) behind this application:

“We built the app with Air 3.3, Starling and Feathers aka Foxhole. We didn’t use any Native-Extension or others libs. To build the iOS and Android version we didn’t have to change anything in the code. Only in the Main-Class we changed something like handle_lost_context thing.

One cool thing is that you can load the created plans in the online application as well onlinebadplaner.at (only German) and vice versa.

It was real fun building this app with Starling and the performance is awesome on old devices too! Starling in combination with Feathers makes really sense for app development.”

[ BathPro website ] [ iOS ] [ Android ] [ Browser ] [ Video ]

Molehill Heightmap Viewer version 1.1 from Disturbed Coder.


+ Full source code to download.


Jason Sturges:

Advanced ActionScript 3 Second Edition

My second publication is out under Apress, Springer Science + Business Media - Advanced ActionScript 3 second edition publishing December 24, 2014.

Foundation ActionScript 3 Second Edition

I’ve become an author, under Apress, Springer Science + Business Media - Foundation ActionScript 3 second edition publishing December 3, 2014.


TV leads with you “Panic”!

“Panic TV” is just “frilly” the smartphone, is an app to connect with a variety of programs of NTV. Simply “frilly”, or can participate in the program being broadcast, or can apply for a present, a nice digital content ♪ You can can GET to look out appeared content deals is one after another fun! !

Cross-platform app for iOS & Android built with AdobeAIR & Distriqt ANE (Vibration, Dialog).