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Beyond Reality World Cup 2014 Game

Face tracking World Cup Game. Control the keeper with your head movements!

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Flash Daily User Submissions:

Introducing the AS3 Karaoke player

(2011) CDG file format parser:

Loading & parsing Karaoke files with visualizations.


Feathers 2.0 released.

New skinning architecture, new text editors, new desktop themes, better workflows


Adobe Animate‘Texture Atlas’ extension

Starling extension that can load and play “Texture Atlas” animations that can be exported by Adobe Animate CC!

Different to what the name suggests, the “Texture Atlas” export option of Adobe Animate actually does not create just a texture atlas from an animation (that would be the old “Sprite Sheet” export), but it’s an alternative to libraries/tools like “Flump”, “Spine”, “Dragon Bones”, or “GAF”.


Actionscript 3 Coding Conventions

As a programmer, attention to detail, consistency, and thoroughness are critical attributes. Coding standards (aka “coding conventions” or “coding style”) aid and develop these abilities. They make it easier to recognize when something is out of place or incomplete.

Additionally, standards simplify and strengthen team development. If everyone on the team writes with the same style, it can greatly reduce the time it takes to understand each other’s code. If multiple styles exist within a given project, class, or even a single function, a great amount of time might be wasted interpreting the style, before one can even attempt to understand the functionality.