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TIOBE Index for June 2014:

Adobe ActionScript hits top 15 (+6 places up)

Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player Team Blog:

Last month ActionScript broke into the top 20. The June numbers are now out and it’s moved up to the 14th spot! None of this would be possible without the awesome support of our AS developer community, creating and inspiring us with their applications and games for both mobile and desktop platforms! Thank you!

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Flash / AdobeAIR cross-platform inspiration:

Patrick Roger Sculpteur Gallery

Patrick Roger present in this virtual gallery all his works published in quadruplicate, and proves that the taste and form are inseparable and can be the same way to the art, provided you have some talent and a lot of conviction!

From BenLune:

This is Android and IOS App, this is also a full-Flash website. We used FeathersUI and Away3D combined for this project. This are key points of the projects :


- all the contents are managed by Drupal
- the full-Flash version get its contents from Drupal
- the air application’s content are generated in JSON from Drupal
- all the picture are converted in ATF thanks to a custom Drupal image profile
- the web navigation works as any website, when you click on an item, you can see the url changing and use your back-forward browser buttons.
- an HTML version is available for people and devices who don’t have Flash installed. The urls are shared.
- a 3D sculpture has been scanned thanks to photogrammetry technique. The interest of this technique is that you get the 3D model and the texture at the same time.


- we develop with intelliJ Idea
- the projects are “maven inside”
- Jenkins, a continuous integration system builds the applications each time developers commit anything. It builds the swf (web version), the apk and the ipa. It also builds the contents asking to Drupal the last contents (JSON and ATFs), packaging it into a zip file beside the Android and IOS version