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Introducing the AS3 Karaoke player

(2011) CDG file format parser:

Loading & parsing Karaoke files with visualizations.

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Feature request for Flash and AIR

Please vote for features to be added to the Flash and AIR platforms. Add your own request if it is not on there already! Keep it serious, and feel free to comment on requests if you can add to them. If applicable, add the id from bugbase.


Game on! The future of Flash as a game development platform

Flash and Gaming situation:

  • Gaming industry is two times bigger than music industry.
  • 1.3 billion computers (four times U.S. population – five times Playstation + Xbox + Wii units) have Flash Player installed
  • 96% of the top games on Facebook are built on Flash technology
  • 500 million iPhone, iPad and Android devices can install games built with Flash technology via app stores, as Adobe Air lets developers package games built with Flash for iOS and Android, with native hardware accelerated performance.
  • 1.7 billion desktops + mobile devices can use Flash technology for GPU accelerated gaming
  • 40 million people play Farmville 2 every month, powered by Stage3D
  • $70 million monthly revenue comes from 9 top chinese games using Flash technology.
  • The most successful Facebook game in 2012 was Songpop, powered by Flash for iOS and Android.

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From Martin Bjeld:

I started to post a bit again. Mainly Starling, Feathers and other related AIR development.