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Scanner ANE for iOS & Android

The Scanner ANE has been released, which enables your application to display a barcode scanning interface allowing fast and accurate detection of barcodes, QR codes and many others!

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Broadcasting with SocialCastr

SocialCastr is, in a nutshell, a censorship-resistant, peer to peer, personal broadcasting system.

You can grab yourself a compiled copy here.
And you can download the source code here.

SocialCastr works with Adobe’s RTMFP, a UDP-based protocol for low-latency peer to peer data delivery. The latency is low enough that you can comfortably transmit audio/video streams from a home computer (with a typical residential network connection), among other neat things.


Thrilling flash experiments from Digifie.jp:

Source code included!


ExhibitCore 3D viewer made with Flash Player 11 / Stage3D


From DiaDraw:

The second edition of Easy Native Extensions is out

And it’s not just one book, there are three!

  • Easy Native Extensions takes you through building an ANE and automating its packaging with a single click;

  • iOS Debugging Guide helps you debug native code and walks you through common build, packaging and runtime problems and their fixes;

  • iOS Data Types adds to your arsenal a library of helper functions you can use to convert almost any data type between ActionScript and iOS.

All this comes with accompanying code.

But wait, that’s not all. There is a bonus for all of you early birds out there: buy any book package and get an iOS + Android ANE Template code free by end of June 2015.