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Creating and using high resolution images in Flash Player

Retina Display for Mac has been increasing in popularity. Only high resolution images suit the high density pixels display resolution of the Retina Display. This article describes how to use a high resolution version of an image in Flash, on a Mac Retina Display. You can also learn how to create a high resolution version of an image from Flash vector based display objects.

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Starling games on mobile round-up:


Improved Particle System for Starling

From Michael Trenkler:

For his upcoming game Colin needed some additions to the previous version, especially batching of particles from the same atlas, animated textures, a particle pool, and support for unique filters. Additionally some things came up on the way.

Feature Overview:
  • particle pool
  • batching (less draw calls)
  • multi buffering (avoid stalling)
  • animated particles
  • random start frames
  • ATF support
  • filter support
  • optional custom sorting, code and variables
  • calculating bounds (optional)
  • spawnTime, fadeIn/fadeOut
  • emit angle alligned particle rotation
  • various performance improvements
  • some ease-of-use stuff


Ever wanted to dynamically write local files from a Flash game/app at runtime (without server-side scripts, or annoying File Dialog prompts)? This handy AIR app can serve as a 3rd-arm for your Flash projects that needs to dynamically update JSON, TXT, or even ByteArray files. Also useful for launching NativeProcess (batch, commands, etc.)


A preview of Feathers 2.2 and the Feathers SDK

Flash Online Conference #12 - May 29, 2015

A preview of the upcoming Feathers 2.2, with new transitions for screen navigators, flow and waterfall layouts, and media player components. Followed by the first look at the Feathers SDK, a fork of the Apache Flex SDK to add support to the compilers for Feathers in MXML.