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After a bit of a start and stop first round, the Adobe team recently stated that they were back and working on the AGAL2 specification, a feature that was previously available in an earlier beta version of the Flash player, but later dropped but a feature set that I had been eagerly awaiting.


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Node.js for Flash & Flex Introduction

While researching technologies for a new Flash multiplayer gaming project, I came across Node.js as a backend techology. I’ve heard of it for a while, but have not yet used it. Its nice.

Node.js is a server software that allows you to a) run JavaScript on the server and b) talk to/from the client-side using http and socket connections. While not designed with Flash in mind, you can easily connect Flash (or Flex) to the socket connection and get real-time data flowing to/from. Very nice.


From Runtime Digital:

Flash AS3 with Scaleform running inside a Unity Ipad application.

This application runs standalone on a windows touch screen as well as on an Ipad, same code base (Minor layout tweaks and configuration).



Untangling CrossBridge

CrossBridge, formerly codenamed Alchemy, or also known as Flash Runtime C++ Compiler (FlasCC), has intrigued me since its inception, incubated under Adobe Labs back in 2008.
Beyond bridging C/C++ enabling reuse of existing codebases, projects compiled with CrossBridge run up to 10 times faster than ActionScript. With the potential to leverage OpenGL, even Flash capabilities can be extended such as multithreading based on POSIX Threads.

Apache FlexJS 0.6.0 and Apache Flex FalconJX 0.6.0 released

It’s time for a new release of Apache FlexJS! Go ahead and install Apache FlexJS 0.6.0 right now. This release improves support for many ActionScript language features in code transpiled to JavaScript, including reflection, internal classes after the package block, and package-level functions and variables.

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