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Have a creative Easter with Flare3D!

From Flare3D Team:

Bring out the artist you have inside and create the most beautiful Easter egg with our “3D Easter egg Decorator”.

Do you like it? This demo uses helpful techniques that can be implemented at any other project.

Download the full example and use it as starting point in your next amazing app!

Come on, don’t be lazy!, this demo can be exported to mobile devices too. Make your own version for tablets and/or smartphones. We want to see your own Egg Decorator app for Android and iOS!

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Adobe AIR cross-platform apps: Polarbear App

Polarbear lets you post messages to multiple social networks and blogs at once!

Supported services: Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Webhooks and App.net


  • Share menu integration - Easily share links and text from the browser and other apps to Polarbear.
  • Fast startup time and instant writing
  • Supports posting in Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Greek
  • Set text direction (left to right / right to left)
  • Switch between HD and SD mode
  • Supports landscape and portrait mode
  • Character counter for Twitter and App.net
  • Go beyond 140 characters on Twitter! Twitter posts longer than 140 characters will automatically split into multiple tweets
  • Go beyond 256 characters on App.net! App.net posts longer than 256 characters will automatically split into multiple status updates


  • Polarbear uses the industry standard OAuth for secure authorization
  • No password, username, email or account setup required
  • Your messages will only get proceed and are never stored



Stage3D Developers Group is the place to learn about and share your experience in the Stage3D techniques, GPU tips and tricks, papers and algorithms.

Next online meeting will be in February 22, 2013.
Speakers registration is here!

Stage3D Online Conference confirmed speakers:

[Stage3D Online Conference ]

[ Stage3D Facebook Group ]


Introducing NextGen ActionScript

While many creative developers thrived during the best years of Flash, plugins on the web have fallen out of favor. To continue building immersive experiences in the browser, you need to start migrating to open web standards, if you haven’t already. JavaScript is alright for little prototypes and smaller projects, but for the kind of projects that we build, it really doesn’t compare to a language like ActionScript.

What if you could continue using ActionScript on the web, but without a plugin? What if you could use JS libraries like CreateJS and Pixi.js with ActionScript? Libraries that have familiar APIs inspired by years of working with Adobe Flash Player. I don’t think developers need to start from scratch. We should embrace the open web on our own terms. We’ve heard so many claims that Flash Player is bad, but we know better. We don’t need to abandon the parts that work so well. The ActionScript language especially, but also the great display list APIs and vector drawing capabilities that we came to love so much.