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Adobe AIR cross-platform apps: Guitar Focus

Guitar Focus is a beautiful app for tablets to visualize and practice scales on your guitar. Its unique minimalist look provide a distraction-free view of scales on the fretboard. Notes of the chosen scale and key may be seen either as chord/mode intervals (which helps improvise over chords), as the scale’s relative degrees or simply as the scale’s notes. When seen as chord/mode intervals, the notes are styled to show emphasis on the chord tones, so you can easily spot them as sure notes. You can customize which notes get high, medium or low emphasis style. There’s two fretboards so you can practice over chord or scale changes, and there’s a moving and resizable window that let you focus on a small region of the fretboard.

Features include:
• 3 scales: Diatonic, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor;
• Show chord/mode intervals, scale notes or scale degrees;
• Hide the notes on a string and highlight the string (to practice with open strings);
• Choose one of 12 colors as a fretboard’s color theme;
• Normal or compound intervals in modes view (2,4,6 or 9,11,13);


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