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The Grand Budapest Hotel

Built as an in-world course syllabus, this educational site paid specific attention to the time period with a microfiche layout and multiple layers of content, including hand-colored photograph character pages.


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Tutorial: How to use transpiled ActionScript with HTML

With Apache FlexJS, we can build web apps and pages using ActionScript… no plugin required! HTML is the basic building block of the web, so it’s important to understand how ActionScript can create it, modify it, and enhance it.

Let’s learn how to combine transpiled ActionScript and HTML by building a simple HTML widget. It will be a loan payment calculator that takes some input values and calculates a result. We’re going to build it three different ways, and in the process, we’ll learn how well ActionScript can integrate with HTML in a web browser.


The Monster Match App (using FDT and Starling for iOS)

The Monster Match, an iOS app built with AIR and Starling that will let You Mix, Match and discover the monstrous, the eerie, the wacky and funny combinations of characters that renowned artists created exclusively for The Monster Match, once you created a Monster of your liking you can save it to your camera roll or share with your friends via E-Mail, Twitter or Facebook.

The whole app was coded in FDT IDE  and some of the animations where prototyped on Flash CS6, we use the Starling framework by GAMUA as the base of our code and found out it has a lot of improvements since the last time we’ve used, the Assets Manager was a time saver, and we also used some of the new device detection features (Originally the app was going to be a released both for iPhone and iPad but we had to push the release for the iPad version to a later time). The core of the app’s functionality was done using Feathers UI by Josh Tynjala and the sharing features were done using the GoViral ANE extension by MilkMan Games.