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Actionscript Developer Confession:

My day job is creating business applications for banks and advertising agencies. The ability to use AIR to deploy software to touch devices opens up the opportunity to create applications such a media booking systems and business activity monitoring dashboards for tablets.

Being able code in ActionScript and deploy to such a diverse ecosystem opens up a whole new universe of development for me. I’ve already started creating a touch based network node user interface and successfully deployed development versions to iPad and Nexus 7.

Finally, a word about Flex. As a framework for building applications, I still feel it is unparalleled. I code with it everyday and it is an absolute joy. Both of my touch applications use it and there are no performance issues. The Flex team have just released 4.12.0 with improved memory and performance, improved mobile skins and iOS7 support and over 80 bugs fixes.

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A code editor for game development with AS3, Haxe and JS. The core of this editor is theCodeMirrorproject.


Adobe AIR apps: My Business Contacts App

The main purpose of the MyBusinessContactsApp is to allow you to organize and keep all your business contacts in one location, separate from the personal contacts on your mobile device.

MyBusinessContactsApp allows you to take a picture of your business cards and have them transcribed automatically and effortlessly! You can then manually update and edit your business contact’s details, add a note and even set reminders for a contact directly from the contact’s details screen.


The little fairy that killed TestFlight

Our new way to beta testing our mobile app.

This is our story moving to TestFairy and how a new world of missing information was reveal to us. That made beta testing much easier.

In the post a giveaway a free ANE that will make testing with test TestFairy even better