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Patchwork is an online virtual analog modular synth, which allows you to connect basic sound generation or modification modules to create either music, effects or utter noisy crap


Feathers 2.1 BETA released

This upcoming release will pack quite a punch, with new components (AutoComplete, SpinnerList, StackScreenNavigator, and WebView), new transitions (ColorFade, Cover, Cube, Fade, Flip, Reveal, and Slide), along with the usual batch of bug fixes and new minor features. 2.1 will be the first version to include offline help files, and I’ve added some unit tests to the build process to help keep things stable going forward.

Feathers 2.1 BETA also includes many other new features and bug fixes. For complete details, please take a look at the release notes.

This build of Feathers has the following requirements:

  • Adobe AIR 16.0 or newer for mobile apps
  • Adobe AIR 3.5 or newer for desktop apps
  • Adobe Flash Player 11.5 or newer for web browser apps
  • Starling Framework 1.6

This is a beta release. It may be unstable in places. There are some known bugs. However, because this release fixes many bugs in 2.0.x, it will also be more stable at times. You will need to evaluate for yourself if it is worth updating now or waiting until the beta period is over.

I look forward to receiving feedback from a wider audience. Thank you for developing with Feathers!

BRF v3.0.15 released

New BRF released: v3.0.15 is available for download.

As Apple forces all new apps to include 64bit binaries by 01st February 2015, we had to update the iOS ANE version to universal binaries. With this release we also added Android x86 support, but unfortunately we don’t own an Android x86 device. I kindly ask you as fellow Adobe AIR devs with such a device to download from the link above and test it on your device. Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

Introducing the “Starling” - *FREE* book from O’Reilly by Thibault Imbert

From O’Reilly:

“Starling is an ActionScript 3 2D framework developed on top of the Stage3D APIs (available on desktop in Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3). Starling is mainly designed for game development, but could be used for many other use cases. Starling makes it possible to write fast GPU accelerated applications without having to touch the low-level Stage3D APIs.

Most Flash developers want to be able to leverage GPU acceleration (through Stage3D) without the need to write such higher-level frameworks and dig into the low-level Stage3D APIs. Starling is completely designed after the Flash Player APIs and abstracts the complexity of Stage3D (Molehill) and allows easy and intuitive programming for everyone.

Obviously Starling is for ActionScript 3 developers, especially those involved in 2D game development; of course you will need to have a basic understanding of ActionScript 3. By its design (lightweight, flexible and simple), Starling can be used also be used for other use cases like UI programming. That said, everything is designed to be as intuitive as possible, so any Java™ or .Net™ developer will get the hang of it quickly as well.”

[ Download PDF from O'Reilly ]

[ Introducing the Starling Framework ] (video tutorial)

Ayako Taniguchi

Web site for Ayako Taniguchi (a music composer in Japan).
Audiovisual with  multiple layers of graphic patters move with the sounds. And you can also generate your own pattern animations.

Minko Physics Stacking Stress Test

Minko physics is probably one of the most awaited features for this new year. I will not cover it extensively right now - I’ll rather post a few demos in a later post - but if you must know it was designed to be the fastest 3D physics engine for ActionScript 3 and the Flash platform.

Pixas is an Open Source ActionScript engine, which enables programmers to build isometric pixel Flash Applications with pure ActionScript3. With Pixas you can easily add isometric pixel elements like brick, cube, pyramid, map layer to your applications.



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