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PRZYMIERZAJ - Virtual Fitting Room

Technical Details:

Built with classic Display List.

Application utilizes bitmap operations - comparing specific pixels, studying their color and transparency, creating on the basis of the strokes and masks, which will eventually serve submitting several graphics in one image.

All items of clothing so that interact with each other, the upper parts cut the bottom, bottom to fit the outlines of the same model. This requires keeping a fairly large quantity of coordinates of each piece of garment outlines and their comparison.


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Flash News & Updates:

  • Updated version of the Flash Roadmap whitepaper

    As of January 2013, the XC APIs are no longer classified as a Premium Feature and access will no longer require a separate license from Adobe. Thus the use of Stage 3D APIs in conjunction with the fast-memory opcodes via the domainMemory API will be available without requiring that content creators enter into a separate license agreement with Adobe. Developers and publishers that have published content using the XC APIs do not need to make any changes to their content to reflect the change of status for the XC APIs, nor submit royalty payments.

    and more:
    - General update of document
    - Added information on availability of the SWF file format
    - Added additional information on Flash Player “Folsom” release
    - Added additional information on Flash Player “Geary” release
    - Updated information on future Flash Player architecture development
    - Updated information on Windows 8 support
    - Moved information on support for Television to video section

  • SWF and AMF3 specifications update
    (more: SWF and AMF Technology Center)