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Crossplatform Adobe AIR app for iOS & Android. The app is 100% Starling and Feathers and overall works very well, performance wise.

Negatives provides a new look for Instagram! Instead of the regular feed Negatives shows you all of your Instagram friends along with each friend’s photos so you can easily follow them and see the new photos they upload. Negatives’ new interface streamlines your Instagram experience by allowing you to easily track your friends photos, explore photos from other users to find new friends, see photos of tags and much more! Your friends’ are ordered chronologically so that the top most friend is the one with the newest photo. The order in which your friends appear will change based on the photos they upload. The photos for each friend are also ordered chronologically so that the left most photo is the newest. Negatives will automatically highlight new photos that you haven’t seen yet with a white frame.


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Photographic shaders for Starling

A couple weeks ago I was contacted and asked to write some filters for Starling that could be used in a mobile camera application. To be honest, I’m not sure what’s become of the app as I’ve lost contact with the developer, unfortunately. A part of the deal, however, was that I eventually open source the filters, so I’m going to go ahead and do that now.

So, to my Starling Filters repo on Github, I’ve now added seven new photographic effects:

  • AnselFilter is a highly configurable way of making black and white images.
  • BleachFilter will bleach the color out of images in a fairly interesting way.
  • BloomFilter a relatively standard bloom effect with adjustable color.
  • LomoFilter does a bit of toy camera/Lomo/Vintage color adjustment.
  • NoiseFilter will add a custom amount of grain/noise to an image. Animating the seed parameters can produce a nice static effect.
  • TiltShiftFilter will produce a decent tilt shift blur. To be effective, this filter requires multiple passes, though, so probably isn’t that useful in performance critical situations.
  • VignetteFilter creates a standard vignette effect with optional sepia colorizing.

Geox Amphibiox: 7 days of rain

Geox makes it rain. Literally. Watch as one man struggles through 7 days of rain, courtesy of his personally crafted cloud. The ultimate urban rain test shows these shoes don’t get soaked even when Tom does.