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Tetragon Racetrack Extension - a pseudo 2D racing engine

One of my jobs in the last year was to work on a racing game for a client who wished to run it on the web and on iPads. We had to make a decision of whether to develop something in realtime 3D or to use a pseudo 3D engine to portray the racetrack of the game and after some research it was clear that the second option was the more practical for us.

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Fortia is a minimal 2D game engine inspired by Flixel and built on Starling. It has asset management via Starling, scene management (with effects like shake and fade) and finite state machines (for AI state management).

The engine also has built-in object pooling (for improved performance), fast and simple overlap queries via quad-trees and is aimed at cross platform development with AIR.


  • Asset management via Starling.
  • Scene management, simple scene effects like shake and fade.
  • Finite state machine for things like AI state management.
  • Built-in object pooling.
  • Fast and simple overlap queries via quad-trees.
  • Cross platform development with AIR.

via AS3GameGears


Adobe Flash Player 11.7 and AIR 3.7 Now Available!

Over the past 3 months we have been hard at work on the next version (Code name: Geary) of Flash Player and AIR.

Similarly we have been focusing on making AIR 3.7 a world-class platform to build your Android and iOS native apps. In this release, we are introducing exciting features such as captive runtime debugging capabilities for android apps; which let developers create and debug their Android apps quickly and easily. We are also excited to introduce the capability to force CPU Render-mode on some iOS devices. Using this feature, a developer can turn on CPU rendering for specific iOS devices, and utilize GPU rendering for others.

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