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Pet Peaves Monsters

Peaves aren’t just monsters - they’re hilarious pets with attitude! Raise your peave from an adorable larva to a well-trained adult with incredible battle powers. Then challenge friends to throw down and see whose peave is king in multiplayer versus mode!

Some technical details from RED Interactive Agency:

Game uses classic display list in GPU mode. No Stage 3D.

All the artwork is bitmap, was illustrated in Photoshop.

The app runs in GPU mode and does not use any frameworks other than Box2D for collision detection in battle mode. The rest of the battle engine is all built from scratch. The pet mode engine is also something we developed just for this game. It does not use a physics engine.

All of the 2.5D animation uses a system we developed specifically for this game. We define a character rig with several key frames in a swf to establish up, left, down, right movement. Separate swfs define facial expressions and emotes. In both cases those are processed to code and disposed.

We’re using the same technique in our next title due out in a few weeks with human figures and are happy with the results.

We used several ANEs in the game. Some of them from Milkman for in app purchases and the like. We modified another GameKit ANE from a different source to build the multiplayer engine.

The performance in GPU mode is really great if you avoid the gotchyas. We define a lot of animation in SWFs but in Peaves hardly any movieclips are actually used. We tried to keep the display list shallow and lightweight. But we are pushing a lot of pixels.

Just about every item in the game has customizable color and patterns. In most cases we tint layered assets dynamically and then flatten then to a Shape with a bitmap fill using some custom classes.


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