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Deferred renderer online demo

There are 8 lights moving around the scene and some occluder objects casting the shadows. You can pick a light from the drop down and play with its settings (attenuation, intensity, radius)

Dom Pérignon Rose 2002

Inspired by the tasting notes of Dom Pérignon’s Rose 2002 Vintage, Random Studio creates an interactive to experience the four tasting notes of the champagne.

Built with Away3D.

Flash Runtimes PM Chris Campbell:

We have made significant improvements and enhancements to the runtime in 2013. If you look at our Flash Player and Adobe AIR feature list you will see that we’ve been keeping busy in 2013 and we expect this trend to continue in 2014! The majority of these new capabilities and enhancements were driven by customer, partner and developer community requests. We’ve also had an active beta program with regularly scheduled releases on an almost monthly basis.

In the end, you need to pick a development platform that meets your needs. If you’re targeting desktop, Android or iOS, we believe AIR makes a very compelling choice. As has been mentioned in the thread, there are a number of community frameworks and ANE’s available to extend and simplify your life as an AS developer. If you need Windows Phones, Windows 8 Modern mode, or another missing feature then AIR might not fit your needs right now. Decisions to support new platforms or implement new features are fluid as community and market changes occur. We’ll continue to evaluate our choices and listen to your feedback.

We’re looking forward to 2014 and our goal of making the runtime better than ever. More importantly, we’re excited to see the games, apps and content that AIR and Flash Player developers create.

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Unity Technologies Begins Unity 3.5 Open Beta With Flash Player Deployment

Developers Can Now Enter the Unity “Flash in a Flash” Creation Contest With a $20,000 USD Grand Prize

Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity development platform for game, app, simulation and interactive 3D for the web, iOS, Android, consoles and beyond, is happy to announce the release of the Unity 3.5 open beta including a developer preview for the highly anticipated Adobe® Flash® Player deployment add-on. To celebrate the sneak peek of this add-on, Unity Technologies will be hosting a Flash platform game development contest where contestants can enter their Unity-based Flash titles for the chance to win the $20,000 USD Grand Prize.

The Flash deployment add-on, one of the most eagerly awaited features within the Unity development community, empowers developers to push their interactive 3D content to the web through Adobe Flash Player. Unity Technologies constantly seeks to provide the best avenues of deployment for developers using Unity and this release gives those developers an exciting peek at months of hard engineering work to make Unity compatible with Adobe Stage3D web technology.

Unity Technologies is also thrilled to introduce the first Unity “Flash in a Flash” Creation Contest, which will start when the open beta begins on December 22, 2011 at 8am PT (16:00 GMT). The fast-paced competition challenges developers to create and submit a Unity authored Flash platform game between December 22, 2011 and January 5, 2012. The best entry will be awarded the Grand Prize of $20,000 USD with more prizes going to the runners-up. Find all the contest rules and details at: http://unity3d.com/preview/contest

Anyone can download the Unity 3.5 open beta and help test the technology starting December 22, 2011 at 8am PT (16:00 GMT). Those interested can find the beta download at: http://unity3d.com/preview

Starry Night with Stage3D

During the development i was focus to create a good texture-look feeling, and i learned a lot of things:

  • Facing to center
  • Facing to screen
  • Blur on the edge
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New videos about live coding game with Action Script:

Recipe for a Mixed App with Starling and Away3D

In my first attempt to add 3D to my Starling app I struggled with many problems that seemed trivial. I used Starling for a few good years and consider it one of the most powerful 2D frameworks in the industry. Coupled with the Feathers UI library its a winning stack, and it has a vibrant community that provides excellent support.

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