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The Clarence - Residential development

An interactive app with video, images, 3D maps, 3D floorplans and 360 degree apartment viewer. Check out the app to see what’s possible when using Away3D for presentational apps.

It’s available on iTunes as well as on iPad’s within the projects on site display suite. The architecture model was exported out of 3DS Max 2012 as an OBJ and imported to Prefab for AS3 export. We also used the Skybox to display some rendered interiors and included gyroscope functionality for a bit of fun.



Adobe AIR apps:

EmblemHealth’s Health Care Reform App

EmblemHealth’s Health Care Reform app takes you on a lively multimedia journey through New York’s health care reform scene. Download it for free to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

With animated clips and a trivia game show, the app will both entertain and deliver all-important health insurance basics. And, with our interactive checklists and resource page, you can store, organize and set reminders for doctor visits and personal health needs.

If you’re seeking individual or family health care coverage, the app will calculate your costs and possible financial assistance, while leading you to the plan that’s the best fit for you, your budget and your needs. You’ll also find answers to questions about President Obama’s health care law and how it impacts you.*
The app combines utility and ease, with humor and fun for a well-rounded look at health care reform and more. You’re sure to wow your friends with the expertise you’ll gain in just one sitting.

Tech. details:

Adobe AIR App , Starling and Citrus Engine, ANE calendar distriq