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GogduNet is a communication library for TCP, UDP and P2P. It uses sockets and connects directly with all peers, allowing applications to exchange several data types, such as strings, integers, unsigned integers, booleans and JSON objects.

The library does not provide a binary communication channel, so it’s up to the developer to implement a string-based protocol. Some features will work on Flash Player and AIR, while others will work on AIR only (such as UDP).

via AS3GameGears

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Make Flex Even More Awesome

The Ardisia Component Library includes over 65 components to make it even easier to build powerful, robust, and fast applications in Flash and Flex. Add to that a full documentation suite and good looking themes, and you have all the tools you need to build slick and sleek applications.



Away3D 4.1 Beta and Away Builder 0.9 Alpha released

Features & Improvements

As well as what seems like an endless list of bugfixes, the release has seen a string of new features added. Most notable are spritesheets animators and a constrained mode option for shaders, the former being a feature that can sync with your spritesheets created via Flash CS6 etc, the latter an option for those wanting to maximise their hardware acceleration reach while sacrificing a little on visuals. Improvements to the shadow options, scene partitioning and shading are also present, offering more options and an optimised render pipeline for those processor-hungry scenes.

Away Builder 0.9.0 Alpha

Away Builder has been created from the ground up to provide a better link between 3D design and development. Essentially, Away Builder is a designer interface for accessing the visual stack in Away3D. Anything you can do in Away3D you can do in Away Builder, although right now (due to our Alpha status) this is restricted to covering materials, textures, lights, meshes and geometry.


MAX Racer game demonstration. Based on Alternativa3D 8 engine for Stage3D.


onBoard v3 goes GPU!

From Jozef Chutka:

“onBoard is a massive collaborative painting and drawing canvas where you can draw, sketch, paint, zoom, rotate, screenshot or post your drawing to facebook. See other users drawing live. Today, I am releasing 3rd version that is a little different than the previous ones. It takes advantage of Starling Framework and YCanvas and runs on GPU at 60fps, smoother than any before.”

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