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Σ12 (SIGMA12) Stage3D cross-platform game

As our first original IP and first game published by iq12, Σ12 (SIGMA12) is based on the original gameplay developed by Christophe Choffel for the “One Game A Month” online contest, under the name 12=12. He’s responsible for the game’s design and artistic direction. Arnaud Gatouillat ported and optimized the game’s code, while Samuel Pott took care of publishing and QA. First a Unity3D prototype, Σ12 (SIGMA12) is developed in ActionScript3 and published with the Adobe AIR framework on multiple platforms, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and probably BlackBerry 10 in the near future. Flare3D is the 3D engine and the Starling framework is used for all the graphical user interface. The Flox framework is the backbone of our statistics and scoring systems.


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BRF v3.0.15 released

New BRF released: v3.0.15 is available for download.

As Apple forces all new apps to include 64bit binaries by 01st February 2015, we had to update the iOS ANE version to universal binaries. With this release we also added Android x86 support, but unfortunately we don’t own an Android x86 device. I kindly ask you as fellow Adobe AIR devs with such a device to download from the link above and test it on your device. Any feedback would be very much appreciated.


Starling Game Development Essentials Book


  • Create a cross-platform Starling Isometric game.
  • Add enemy AI and multiplayer capability
  • Explore the complete source code for the Web and cross-platform game develpment

Typing Race

Available on iOS and Android.

  • You used to think that typing was boring, didn’t you?
  • Not right with TYPING RACE. Fun, simple, dynamic sound effect and useful game and it will take you to a totally different feeling. A best solution to practice and improve your typing skills.
  • Are you ready to test your typing speed and challenge your friends on a virtual keyboard?


  • Race with people on the world.
  • Challenge your friends to see who typed faster.
  • Practice and improve your typing speed.
  • Measure the average typing speed (Words per minute).
  • Sharing your race result and your typing speed.

Technical aspects: