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Minko v0.11 released

We’re happy to release the new version of Minko. The main new feature is a particle engine fully integrated in the editor.
It makes it possible to build piece by piece particle emitters, export them as a MK file and use them in your application with just a single line of code!

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GeometryArena game on Genome2D
(web, desktop, iOS, Android)

From Peter Stefcek:

“Whats more I wanted to build an universal platform game, so it runs smoothly across all the avialable devices from web, desktop, iOS to the oldest Android phone possible. And I actually did it.

And yes it runs smoothly even on archaic mobiles when we talk about AIR such as Nexus One or HTC Desire, I am not going into detail but once Stage3D is available on mobile you will see and I am hoping for benchmarks all over the place”


Stage3D lab: Away3D interactive globe (Flex 4.6, FDT 5)

“Stage3D features wrapped up in the brilliant Away3D 4, including dynamic lighting, bump mapping and a cube map. The example demonstrates pulling in some lat and long coords for a couple of countries and translating those coords into the 3d space and sticking an interactive 3D marker over the country. You can also spin the globe around using the mouse."

Complete project file with sources included.


Getting Started with the redtamarin-sdk