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Stage3D Online Confrenece #3 announced:

14:00, 25 May 2013 (UTC+0)

Please register as a speaker.

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Starling deep dive presentation slides

From Lee Brimelow:

“This presentation was given by me and Thibault at the recent Flash Gaming Summit in Seattle. Hopefully there will be some useful stuff for you in there.”


SwAG ActionScript toolkit

Application frameworks are a dime a dozen these days. That’s why SwAG isn’t a framework but rather a toolkit — the Swiss Army Gear toolkit for ActionScript 3, to be exact.

As the name implies, this small-ish library contains useful code that can be employed wherever needed, as needed, without the full weight or presumptuousness of a full-on framework. In other words, it should be useful for you whether you have a project that’s well under way or are just starting out.

Because the library has lots of disparate features, I’ll be dedicating a number of future posts discussing them in detail and providing (hopefully) useful examples. Here is a brief preview:

  • Peer-to-peer networking, streaming, data sharing using RTMFP (via swag.network.SwagCloud and swag.network.SwagCloudShare)
  • Decoupled or source-optional event broadcasting (via swag.core.SwagDispatcher)
  • Extended MovieClip playback control (via swag.core.instances.SwagMovieClip)
  • SQLite database functionality for Adobe AIR (via swag.core.instances.SQLiteDatabase)
  • Extended date/time manipulation and comparison functionality (via swag.core.instances.SwagDate and swag.core.instances.SwagTime)
  • Extensive data analysis/conversion functionality (via swag.core.SwagDataTools)
  • ZIP data access and extraction (via swag.core.instances.SwagZip)
  • Extended runtime introspection (via swag.core.SwagSystem)
  • Extended HTTP/HTTPS data loading functionality (via swag.core.instances.SwagLoader)




In order to provide users with the experience of being an MMA athlete, TNT created a Facebook app that uses a smartphone to measure the force of your punch.


Σ12 (SIGMA12) Stage3D cross-platform game

As our first original IP and first game published by iq12, Σ12 (SIGMA12) is based on the original gameplay developed by Christophe Choffel for the “One Game A Month” online contest, under the name 12=12. He’s responsible for the game’s design and artistic direction. Arnaud Gatouillat ported and optimized the game’s code, while Samuel Pott took care of publishing and QA. First a Unity3D prototype, Σ12 (SIGMA12) is developed in ActionScript3 and published with the Adobe AIR framework on multiple platforms, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and probably BlackBerry 10 in the near future. Flare3D is the 3D engine and the Starling framework is used for all the graphical user interface. The Flox framework is the backbone of our statistics and scoring systems.