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Graffiti Touch: ActionScript 3 Bitmap Drawing Library

The Graffiti Touch is a multi-touch drawing library designed for mobile. It has been rewritten from the ground up for performance and scalability. Integrate drawing functionality Mobile Air project today.


  • You choose the size of the Drawing Canvas
  • Optimized for Mobile
  • Support for multi-touch drawing
  • Add a Vector or Bitmap image above or below the drawing area
  • Brush Tool with 7 different Brush shapes
  • Drawing Tools have support for transparent colors
  • Easily retrieve drawing data to use with your favorite image encoder
  • UI independent code that fits invisibly into any project

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AR-Racer or simply Augmented Reality Racer is a great demo racing game, showing capabilities of future applications and posibilities for a new types of interative media using augmented reality technology and flash for content delivery with no required application installation or setups insuring maximum compatability on most platforms.


Red Bull Illume 2013

Adobe AIR app for iOS & Android:

After the great success of the last edition, the 2013 Red Bull Illume Image Quest brings you an even more exciting collection of action and adventure sports images.

Once again, the contest set out to find the most breathtaking images from around the world – and this iPad App showcases the elite collection of the 2013 Red Bull Illume Top 250 images.

These photographs were carefully chosen from a total of 28,257 photos submitted by 6,417 photographers in 124 countries. Hand-picked in ten different categories by an expert jury of 50 internationally renowned photo editors, the top images collected in this App also showcase the photographers and stories behind the shots (with audio commentary to be added soon) and provide you with 250 unforgettable moments.

From Wolfgang Klopf (developer):

Tech details of the app:

Code editor: FlashDevelop
Air SDK: 3.7
Render Mode: gpu
Pure AS app without any third party libs.

Android Version:
Except the Sticksports Flurry ANE I have written all the ANEs I’ve used for this app, on my own.

  • Dialogs (Progress, Alert, Toast)
  • Settings launcher
  • Urban Airschip push notfications
  • APK Expansion files (needed for apps >50MB)
  • Internet connected
  • Flurry (by Sticksports)

iOS version

  • Dialog (by me)
  • Flurry (by Sticksports)