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A wrapper for Actionscript 3.0’s NetGroup and RTMFP Multicasting abilities to create quick P2P multiplayer games over local networks or Adobe Cirrus The example project included shows you how to connect over a local network or Cirrus as well as how to post and receive messages. Library works best for applications meant to have less than 13 simultaneous realtime connections.


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Flash Online Conference #6

We are done with the 6th Flash Online Conference. It was really interesting content mix. We’ve learned a lot about Citrus and Rave AI engines, Uber-shaders in GLSL, Particle System in Genome2D Engine, cool TypeScript language introduction for as3 flash-developers and all about the physics in games.

  • Aymeric Lamboley “Citrus Engine, from zero to ninja”
  • Jean-Marc Le Roux “Minko: targeting Flash/Stage3D with C++ and GLSL”
  • Peter “shtif” Stefcek “Genome2D: Advanced particle systems”
  • Gary Paluk and Karim Beyrouti “Away3D TypeScript”
  • Ariel Nehmad “A different approach for handling physics and collision detection in games”

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Adobe AIR games on mobile round-up:


Epic Game Ads is happy to announce WhipFlash, their new game funding and distribution partner! To celebrate this, Epic Game Ads LLC and WhipFlash, in cooperation with PlayerScale and Adobe, are happy to announce the first Epic Flash Game Contest.

In addition to the prizes, winners will receive a lifetime 50% Net Revenue from the game. Epic Game Ads will utilize their extensive network of portals and relationships with top game sites, to make sure your game is seen by millions of players around the world!

You must submit your game by Febuary 18th 2013, our beta testers will then have one month to play and rate all games. Finally, our expert judges will choose the winners from the top 20 best rated games by March 27th 2013 during GDC.

To get you started, PlayerScale will give you a free Player.IO Plus account you can use to develop your game!

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