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3D Parques Mobile multiplayer board game

The game runs on Adobe AIR, and uses Away3D and Away Physics to render the board and pieces. Distributed to more than 52 countries around the world, 3D Parqués has ranked in the top 5 AppStore boardgames several times and is also available on Samsung Apps and Amazon Appstore.

We used Adobe AIR 3.8 and the latest Away3D 4.1.4 Gold, and found it very reliable on almost all platforms we tested. All recent Samsung tablets run Away3D like a charm, high-res models like the Nexus 10 (2560x1600) down to to cheaper Chinese tablets like the Titán 1002ME achieved 55-60 fps. We tested a lot of engines, but found in Away3D / Away Physics the correct balance between ease of use, Adobe AIR integration, other Stage3D engine integration, performance (best Bullet Physics implementation) and community support.

We can say that we reached an optimal production pipeline thanks to the speed and multi-platform possibilities of Adobe AIR and the huge potential of Away3D to achieve stunning 3D graphics on a great number of devices and platforms. The integration with Stage3D and overlaid Stage is a great way to build applications and games faster.


Adobe AIR cross-platform apps: Polarbear App

Polarbear lets you post messages to multiple social networks and blogs at once!

Supported services: Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Webhooks and App.net


  • Share menu integration - Easily share links and text from the browser and other apps to Polarbear.
  • Fast startup time and instant writing
  • Supports posting in Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Greek
  • Set text direction (left to right / right to left)
  • Switch between HD and SD mode
  • Supports landscape and portrait mode
  • Character counter for Twitter and App.net
  • Go beyond 140 characters on Twitter! Twitter posts longer than 140 characters will automatically split into multiple tweets
  • Go beyond 256 characters on App.net! App.net posts longer than 256 characters will automatically split into multiple status updates


  • Polarbear uses the industry standard OAuth for secure authorization
  • No password, username, email or account setup required
  • Your messages will only get proceed and are never stored