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Leap Motion AS3

AS3 framework for working with the Leap.

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Dead Zone – realtime MMORPG

Flash 11, Stage3D, Alternativa3D 8.


“The action of Last Stand Dead Zone occurs in the post-apocalyptic world after the epidemic virus that turned people into zombies. Those who are not infected, try to survive, using all available means. This includes three types of resources – wood, metal and fabric, as well as fuel, which serves as a virtual currency.

You can manage your own game space and develop it. Building food and resource stocks, building domestic infrastructure, fences, etc. Exploring the surrounding areas, looking at their resources, artifacts and adventure.

Game map shows the area of other users of Facebook, including your friends. You can help your friends or attack them.

The game is in beta version stage, and a number of features are not yet available.

[ Play on Facebook ] [ Source ]


Flash Online Conference #12

Date: 29th May 15:00 GMT+3

Adobe team will give talks about:

- Video Texture on Android
- ETC2(Ericsson Texture Compression) support in AIR
- Standard Extended Profile
- iOS64 bit Support and Compilation Improvements

Schedule is updating.

- Conference page
- Broadcast link

Please share the event with your friends Flash & Adobe AIR! Let us know If you want to join as a speaker and give a talk about your experience with Flash&Adobe AIR.


Starforce delta - open beta launched today

A social 3D action game for browser and mobile based on Flash Player 11 Stage3D, featuring RPG elements and 333% fun!