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Flipbook effect for Starling

From TodoAIR.com:

“Book effect based on Starling - it’s still very rudimentary, only to achieve a crusty flip, soft paper flip. But I think in this case look at expansion the picture texture coordinates and vertex control can achieve the effect of the original mask can be achieved (traditional Flash book effect mostly use the mask), so this case the right to make initiate, look forward to a more perfect example out.”

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GeometryArena game on Genome2D
(web, desktop, iOS, Android)

From Peter Stefcek:

“Whats more I wanted to build an universal platform game, so it runs smoothly across all the avialable devices from web, desktop, iOS to the oldest Android phone possible. And I actually did it.

And yes it runs smoothly even on archaic mobiles when we talk about AIR such as Nexus One or HTC Desire, I am not going into detail but once Stage3D is available on mobile you will see and I am hoping for benchmarks all over the place”


The Starling Manual

The goal of this manual is to provide an extensive introduction to theStarling Framework. Starling is a cross-platform engine for ActionScript 3 that can be used for all kinds of applications, with a special focus on 2D games.


Adobe AIR apps: Maro by Valamar

Valamar Hotels& Resorts’ little crab mascot, Maro, is now present in a digital form, offering fun & educational activities for kids and parents - perfect for mobile and tablet devices. Designed for children ages 2+, Maro combines picture book with early learning concepts through the gaming experience.

Download: iOS, Android