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Pancake Pandemonium is the first of four children’s interactive storybooks from Digital Leaf, deployed on iOS and (soon) Android. The book is based around one little girl’s dream of eating piles of pancakes which turns into a nightmare.

The app was built using Adobe Air and Stage3D, utilising the Starling framework. The animation was all created using the Flash IDE, with a JSFL script which allows to export all of the assets and the keyframes of the animations to different scales. It features custom AGAL fragment shaders which allow you to sway the pancakes from the left to the right. A modified version of Flint particles to make the 800 bees buzz around the screen and form “BUZZ OFF” and has been designed and built to work across multiple screen resolutions for iOS and Android.

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Mix 20 millions songs with world-first online DJ player made with Adobe Flash!

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New ActionScript SDK for Flash and AIR

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new PlayFab SDK to support Flash/AIR games written in ActionScript. This SDK makes it easy for developers to use the full range of PlayFab APIs and build the next web-based hit in the tradition of Kingdom Rush or Triple Town.

Flash remains an important segment of the game development marketplace, with sites such as Kongregate and Facebook providing a nearly endless variety of innovative and experimental games with a very low barrier to entry. Access to PlayFab lowers this barrier even further, allowing server-backed gameplay and a wide range of multiplayer interactions which previously required maintaining a complicated and expensive server cluster.

PlayFab believes Flash still has lasting value to the game development community. It provides stable and mature sound and 3d rendering APIs that work the same across many devices. Flash is also currently the only browser plugin to work in the modern PPAPI (Pepper) runtime environment, so games built on it will continue to work long after older web plugins — such as Java and Unity3D — are no longer supported.

The web is only half the Flash story though. Adobe’s AIR SDK allows ActionScript games to be compiled to native executables, which can run in many environments, from desktop to iOS and Android. Odds are you have already played an ActionScript-based game on your phone without knowing it, and now this market can tap into the power of PlayFab.

The PlayFab ActionScript SDK will easily drop into any new or existing Flash Builder or Flash Develop project, and does not require an ANE or any complex integration procedures. Full source is provided to assist with development and debugging. A sample project is included in the SDK to provide an example of how to get started.

Where to get it:
Download the PlayFab ActionScript SDK here, or go directly to the Github repository.