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Pixelizer is a component based framework for writing games in AS3. That means that you have base entities and that you write little components for them. Components can be anything from game logic to rendering to whatever you can imagine. As all standard components and entities are already in the package, it is very easy to get started and getting your game on to the screen should be a breeze. I am aiming to make Pixelizer really flexible, reusable and extendable. The main rendering technique in Pixelizer is currently blitting. Blitting is a fast way of displaying hundreds of objects with virtually no slow down. However, as Pixelizer is very extendable, writing another type of renderer should be easy - it that’s what you want.

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Amiga ModPlayer with AS3 Workers / Concurrency

Karsten Obarski invented 1987 the MOD format for his Ultimate Tracker running on Amiga computers. Since then, countless songs are created, especially for the demoscene.

8bitboy is an Amiga ModPlayer which acts as a Worker. This makes the player very stable, capable of playing mod-files without any gaps on lowest latency. Perfect for games!


The Starling Manual

The goal of this manual is to provide an extensive introduction to theStarling Framework. Starling is a cross-platform engine for ActionScript 3 that can be used for all kinds of applications, with a special focus on 2D games.


Gestouch: Multitouch gesture recognition library for Flash

Gestouch is a ActionScript (AS3) library that helps you to deal with single and multitouch gestures for building better NUI (Natural User Interface).


  • Pretty neat architecture! Very similar to Apple’s UIGestureRecognizers (Cocoa-Touch UIKit)
  • Works with any display list hierarchy structures: native DisplayList (pure AS3/Flex/your UI framework), Starling or ND2D (Stage3D) and 3D libs
  • Doesn’t require any additional software (may use runtime’s build-in touch support)
  • Works across all platforms (where Flash Player or AIR run of course) in exactly same way
  • Extendable. You can write your own application-specific gestures
  • Open-source and free

[ Project page ] [ Gestouch examples ]


ChamaSlot laboratory for Away3D 4.0:

High polygone model, layer terrain, multi clones, full physics

(click “Full Demo Away3D” to run )